2016 Chevrolet Spark EV
Information and Special Offers - Goshen, NY

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV
Information and Special Offers - In the Goshen, NY area

Pure. Electric. Fun.

It's time to put gas stations in your rearview. The 2016 Spark EV is an electric vehicle that features a lithium-ion battery that offers gas-free and tailpipe-emissions-free power and performance. Spark EV also lets you have fun in the fast lane by giving you access to California HOV lanes without needing a passenger, meaning your solo journeys just got a little quicker.

Ready for action

Spark EV features an innovative electric propulsion system drive unit paired with a lithium-ion battery. Without the traditional transmission, torque has nowhere to go except directly to the tires on the road. That's how Spark EV achieves 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. And with 327 lb.-ft. of torque, this electric vehicle is best-in-class.

All-electric advantage

It's easy to keep an eye on battery charge and how energy is being used and created. Spark EV gives you instant digital feedback through a 7-inch diagonal LCD screen in the Driver Information Center so you can get the most out of every kilowatt.

The power of efficiency

You can help enhance this electric ride's efficiency and have fun doing it. One of the greatest factors in getting the most out of each charge is driving style, so simply keep the green ball in the center of the Efficiency Gauge and enjoy optimal battery efficiency in your electric vehicle.

The miles you'll go

No matter how you charge Spark EV, you will feel the savings. With an average of 128 MPGe city and 109 MPGe highway, and an average range of 82 miles† per charge, Spark EV brings you savings for the long haul. You'll get an EPA-estimated fuel cost savings of almost $6,250 over five years.

Technology to go

Spark EV helps you stay entertained on the go. This electrifying ride is packed to the brim with technology that helps you connect to your music, your friends and everything else in your life.

Powerful connections

Spark EV offers available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi® connectivity through OnStar®, so the days of chasing down a Wi-Fi® connection are over. When your vehicle is on, 4G LTE Wi-Fi® is automatically on too.

Daring design

Dedicated collaboration between designers and engineers resulted in this city car with a fiercely dramatic design. It's sleek and seamless from grille to rear spoiler. So no matter where you go, you're sure to turn a few heads along the way.

Style for miles

The interior balances a flowing, spacious design with a get-up-and-go spirit. Features like bright Electric Blue accents, chrome and available leatherette mix with a sporty cockpit vibe complete with a motorcycle-inspired instrument cluster.

Quiet inside and out

Because it's electric, Spark EV is surprisingly quiet on the outside, but due to interior refinements along with sealing and insulation, it's shockingly quiet on the inside too.

Room to spare

With 86.3 cubic feet of passenger space, the 2016 Spark EV has more passenger interior volume than the Fiat 500e, smart electric drive, and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Seat four comfortably or cart your stuff around town. Fold down the rear seat and have a full 23.4 cubic feet of storage space.

All-around safety

Spark EV offers a host of advanced safety features to help keep you safe every time you drive. Now you can set out on the road with confidence and feel protected wherever you go.

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